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Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions:

How can I contact Christian Reynolds or one of the staff members of the corporate team?
A: We have provided a contact option on the main menu of this website. Please click the "back to menu" option below and click the contact button.

How do I contact a staff member of Pliko or one of the services you all offer?
A: Visit the about us page on any of our services and there should be a list of appropriate contacts available upon request.

How much money is Pibbitt worth?
A: Really? Isn't that kind of personal?


Pliko is a free image hosting service that allows for it's users to upload an unlimited number of pictures to their account. Users can create photo albums, control image privacy and much more.

R Mart

R Mart is a sub company registered with the secretary of state as a DBA for, LLC. This business specializes in offering it's customers a wide assortment of items including but not limited to dented items, large box-store rejected items, and near expired food/non-food items. R Mart also carries fresh bread, milk, eggs and frozen goods.

About Us

Christian Reynolds is an 19 year old entrepreneur with a love for business and the internet. He has started several projects and services. Many of which are still in development and haven't been released.

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Munfordville, Kentucky 42765, LLC. History, LLC. is a privately owned company that filed the Kentucky Articles of Organization on 11/21/2014. The company was assigned the Organization Number: 0903190. Christian Reynolds is currently the sole owner. Pibbitt was originally an online clothing store, but eventually transformed into a brick and mortar structured company that opened in Munfordville, KY on April 12th, 2015. Due to the poor choice in location and products sold, the business was relocated and the structure was changed., LLC. currently operated as a parent company.

As mentioned on our "services" page, our company currently holds 1 Doing Business As (DBA) license in Kentucky., LLC. DBA: R Mart is a salvage grocery located in Glasgow, Kentucky. It opened for business on February 3rd, 2016. In march, R Mart applied to be able to accept EBT and accept SNAP benefits, but was denied due to the lack of meat and dairy available for sale. After obtaining the products required, R Mart was required to wait 6 months before reapplying. On August 6th, 2016 - the company will reapply.

Job Posting

Below are the available R Mart jobs:

1 x PRN Truck & Stock Associate

1 x Customer Service

1 x 2nd Shift Manager